Sniper position for rent during NATO Summit

From my terrace you have a clear view of the People's House where the NATO 2008 Summit will take place between 2nd and 4th of April. I'm renting out space for whatever needs you might have: TV crew, sniper, etc.


- each spot has 1m width

- multiple spots available

- 24/7 access to the terrace

- soft drinks and snacks included

- access to a bathroom and storage facility (limited availability)

Price: 5000 EUR / spot / day

For preferred positioning a 25% surcharge will be applied (first come first served basis).

Only one person is allowed for every spot purchased. Additional persons are charged at 500 EUR / person / day for a maximum of 3 persons / spot.

Outside NATO summit period you get a 50% discount for all services.

Full prepayment is required one week in advance to book a spot. I can take Cash, VISA/Mastercard via PayPal or Bank transfer in Romania or offshore account.

Serious inquiries only.

View from terraceView from terrace

Later edit: sales are now over!

122 thoughts on “Sniper position for rent during NATO Summit

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  2. Meir

    Dear Mr. Tim,

    I write you on behalf of my non-profit organization, HaMossad leModi'in v'leTafkidim Meyuhadim, largely known as Mossad.
    We are dealing in furniture, interior design and redecoration and we're interested in booking your whole terrace in a barter-type trade. Since your agenda is busy during the summit I was thinking to book the place one day before Mr. Ahmed, Abdullah, Amir and Hussein will arrive. In exchange we'll recondition all the place, including (but not limited to) furniture reconditioning, walls painting, stains cleaning and such.

    Please let me know if our terms are convenient and don't hesitate to ask any question regarding the deal.

    Sincerely yours,
    Meir Dagan

  3. Claudiu

    Domnule esti un nebun frumos si ai un umor genial !
    Lasand putin gluma la o parte, permite-mi sa te citez:

    " Tim on 26 Mar 2008 at 11:21 am

    Aia se intimpla in Rusia.. noi traim intr-o tara europeana unde dreptul la opinie este garantat prin constitutie."

    Despre acest drept as sta sa mai reflectez; vezi ce li s-a intamplat pana acum celor care au protestat intr-un fel sau altul la enormitatea asta ce va fi sa fie la Bucuresti. Si daca te uiti la constitutia din vremea PCR libertatea cuvantului era si atunci garantata
    In SUA, dreptul la libera exprimare, la libertatea credintei, a presei, la libera intrunire este primul amendament din constitutia americana care garanteaza acest drepturi.
    Probabil in virtutea acestui amendament, anul trecut Bush jr. a spus ceva de genul: "ce tot vreti cu constitutia asta ca nu e decat o bucata de hartie..."
    Cred ca stie toata lumea de pozitia celor care conduc SUA de azi si mai ales de pozitia, servila, romaneasca despre care no comment....
    Credeti-ma cand va spun ca in SUA aceasta libertate devine din ce in ce mai restransa si atat timp ca nu spui nimic impotriva autoritatilor e bine; oricum mass-media e proprietatea corporatiilor care au cumparat puterea americana deci poti sa vorbesti linistit ca nu te va auzi nimeni.
    Spuneti-mi si mie daca Romania e altfel.
    In SUA a fost o demonstratie anti razboi pe care presa corporatista a transformat-o intr-un eveniment al "huliganilor". Parca imi aduc aminte ca a fost un eveniment similar si la noi acum vreo 15 ani.
    Unde era acea garantata libertate de exprimare?

    Deja am scris mai mult decat trebuia....

    Celor care au citit gluma lui Tim si nu au inteles-o le recomand sa nu mai citeasca presa tabloida si sa nu mai urmareasca barfele nationale la tv.

    Vedeti voi, de aia imi plac Divertis, pentru ca si ei pot.

  4. Tim Osman

    my name is Osman and im proud that u succeded in such internet offer,we are a small group from North Afghanistan mountains and we are very interested in your offer,we need to talk about this and i will send you my phone on private.We have no connection with this summit,we just want to share some time on the balcony and maybe play some cards togheter,we will stay full day and night that period of 4 days.Here are some pics with us,


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  6. Ramirez

    Hello Mr. Tim,

    Sorry for being that late, but escaping from jail was a bit dificult here in France. (You won't believe, but it's not like in Romania! I told them I can't stand the jail but they didn't free me! What imprisoned human rights are these?)

    Anyway, I would like to have a word with mr. Ocallan The Rip^H^H^H Second. Buddy, if it happens to see me through your telephoto camera lens (still AKM? or you got that Uzi?) please know that it's indeed me. I could not ressist to such an opportunity. My friend, mr. g-ral Ple?i??, got me an Romanian passport, a work permit and a job at the Romanian Parliament during NATO Summit. I must take care of the flowers, trees and Bushes.
    Anyway, straight to the point like we always do, please don't photograph me, I'll pay that old debt one day - soon. I swear.

    Have good time! Love you!

    PS: Are the old blue banknotes with "100 lei" nominations still valid?

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  11. adina

    Sunt studenta si caut cazare pe perioada summitului cu vedere buna la principalele evenimente. Caut gazda generoasa, deschisa si fara prejudecati. Discretia reprezinta un atu. Exclus arabi in camera.

  12. Yuri Piotr Sadicevici

    Good afternoon dear citizen,

    I am pleased to hear that you have such places to rent. Me and my friend Boris, we want to do some justice for mother Rusia and kill the ones that are stealing our precious vodka.

    I need all the spots for my snipers, only if you have enough room for we to install some camouflage to not to be detected easily by guards.

    So I buy all, I pay with gold and very good Natasha girl for you my friend.

    I wait for your answer and PRIVET MOSKVA and MOTHER RUSIA,


  13. hedON

    i have an exceptional spot for shooting Bu Hush ..
    it right neear the CASA POPORULUI


    and it have boath ..24 7 exposure and 24 7 protection in the same time

    it s marvelous

    i m looking for a sangeros killer who s able to pay the rent (xxxxEUR/day) and give me what i need

    for pictures ..and detalii

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  15. Carlos

    Damn! It's over and I hadn't done anything at all!
    That's because I just found Prepelix and I was fascinated... damn again, I must wait for the next summit.


    PS: WTF is exactly Counter Strike?

  16. "Aia se intimpla in Rusia.. noi traim intr-o tara europeana unde dreptul la opinie este garantat prin constitutie."
    LOL - atunci ce dracu au avut cu aia anti nato de iau arestat .... ?

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  20. Agent 47

    I am prepared to offer more than the highest bidder. My agency will contact you shortly to discuss payment. Perhaps we can arrange a personal hit for you free of charge?

    Agent 47

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